The best way to network at #WCNashik is to get a Gravatar


The best way for other attendees to recognise you and do a little background research on you is by looking at your profile on the Who’s Attending page. It let’s them view your twitter handle.

This way, other attendees can seek you out and maybe together you could come up with something interesting.

However, how does one recognise you, if the photo is replaced with NAPUU?

Get a Gravatar

The photo is picked automatically from your email address, if it is registered at All you have to do is, add the email address that you bought the ticket with to your existing gravatar profile.

If you don’t have a gravatar profile, create one. You can add all your email addresses and even have different photos for different emails. Here’s a little article on why to use gravatars.

In addition to the WordCamp Nashik website, a gravatar is useful on any WordPress site in the world, Disqus, GitHub and Stack Overflow, among others. Even slack uses gravatar.

The reverse is also true. If you’d rather be left alone, let the NAPUU be (Our Mascot that look nothing like you!) and no one will recognize you!

Source: WordCamp Pune 2015