Dr. Tarique Sani

Tarique Sani

Dr.Tarique Sani is a Pediatrician and a Forensic Expert. A passionate PHP geek. Currently CTO at SANIsoft. Also a cyclist, photographer, bird watcher, nature lover and a FOSS enthusiast.

Dr.Tarique has a Depth understanding of web development, Servers, Scaling applications for High performance and High availability, User experience and Usability, Test Driven Development and Continuous Integration.

Technologies like PHP, PHP frameworks, CakePHP, Laravel, MySQL, Javascript, Apache, Linux are his core interest!

He is also a serious amateur wildlife photographer. Published in more than 50 journals and ornithology books across the world. Understands Stock markets, fundamental and technical analysis of companies. Certified as a Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy Level 1 trainer by Morphicminds.

Many people do ask – A Pediatrician and a Forensic Expert, How did Dr. Tarique Sani became a PHP geek?